Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun-filled Fall!

Kade's owl mask from preschool

Whooo whooo!

Happy 2nd birthday Cache

           Grandpa came to visit for Cache's birthday and the ND vs BYU football game

corn maze and pumpkin patch with Kade's preschool

fall leaves in our backyard

can you find Kaden?

 Thistleberry Farms
MBA family life committee party

pumpkin carving

Happy Halloween little engineers

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

House full of boys

Boy #1
Started preschool and is loving it!  Chose wire-frame glasses for the first time with this latest installment of glasses.  Before he would only get plastic frames because the nose pieces on the wire ones "make my nose cold."  He is really into being Robin Hood and shooting bows and arrows which means he was intrigued by the story of Samuel the Lamanite last night for FHE and so now has another game that involves bows and arrows.

These two together have a lot of fun and get into all kinds of mischief.  Kaden is usually the mastermind and Cache is usually the one who gets dirty.  I know fall is on the way because he came into the house with part of a leaf stuck to his face.  He just makes a good mess wherever he goes.

Boy #2
Does not like to sleep in his crib.  We tried just his mattress on the floor for a while but that didn't work either.  Found him last night asleep in the closet in the bathroom curled up with his blanket by the vacuum.  Someone asked him what his name is on Sunday at church and he said "I don't know. . . .Cachey bear"  so apparently that is what we call him the most :)

We took a trip down to Nauvoo and met up with one of my high school besties LeAnn and her family.

 And the biggest of all the boys is just busy with school, school, school.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


That is how Kaden says Indiana.  The other day he told me it was nice to be in Indiana.  
                                                         And I must agree.

 This is Luke on his first day of school.                                      Cache helping Daddy study.

                                                                Twin Irish pajamas!

                                                             Enjoying our back yard.

                                 Kaden and Luke went to the minor league baseball game together.

We are busy with meeting fun new friends and exploring all that there is to see.  We have discovered the best beach on Lake Michigan and have been there four times already.  We heart Notre Dame!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Lot to Report!

 Happy Birthday to Luke and Kaden! Kaden turned 4 and Luke aka Iron Man turned 28.

We made 2 trips out to Utah.  Kara graduated from BYU! Congrats!  We stayed with Grandpa and Grandma and the boys had fun with the tractors and the goats.  The second trip was on our way out to Indiana.

We made a trip to Sacramento for Luke's and Kade's birthdays.  Kaden just got in to Toy Story and here are his favorite presents from Grandpa and Grandma: Woody, Buzz and Bullseye.

Aunt Shawnelle put together a really fun bubbles party to celebrate!  Thanks!!

We love you little Avanley!  And what a cute mom!

Kaden finished his gymnastics.  He loved Coach Amy and will miss his little friends here.

Luke and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversay with a visit to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose and some yummy Thai food.

6 years
5 apartments
4 vehicles
3 degrees
2 kids
1 happy couple!

 We went up to Seattle to visit!  The boys--Luke and Andrew included-- had lots of fun playing inside, outside, at the beach, at the pool, having a cook-out and at preschool.  J and I had fun talking and shopping and it was a great trip.

And the big news is that Luke is now an MBA student at Notre Dame.  We have moved from Morgan Hill, CA to South Bend, IN.  We are Fightin' Irish now.  As part of his orientation, all the students and their families were invited to tour the Knute Rockne football stadium.  We are excited because BYU plays at Notre Dame this football season. . .but who to cheer for?

Our darling house here in South Bend! Come visit if you pass our way!